Episode 24: Good Bush, Bad Bush

December 9, 2018

Fuck the Pats


Episode 23: Tank It to the Limit

November 30, 2018

The dudes get into stuff. Brought to you by no one. 


Episode 21: Amendmanents

October 26, 2018



Episode 20 w/ #HeatTwitter Goddess Kristy Riffle: DM Behavior

October 5, 2018

Oh hey, y'all! 

This episode is brought to you by Katon Klothing!!!

The entirety of the show is about #MeToo and DM behavior. 


Donald & Toady

September 21, 2018

Donald Trump has a conversation with his weirdly shaped penis. 



Episode 19: Exquisive

September 14, 2018

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On this week's episode: Nobody knows anything about football. The Dolphins were fun. Slim tells some stories from his time working for Birdman. Chris tells you why Armando Salguero is an asshole. #DontBeAnAsshole. Slim is a legit disgusting human being, who may never get laid again. He has been shopping for prostitutes, though. Slim shares a traumatic story from his past. Brendan Tobin is lobbying for Biscayne Blvd. to be renamed Dwyane Wade Blvd and he has the full support of the Ballscast. 




Episode 18 w Ryan Yousefi: Football is Back, Yay (Kill Me)…

September 7, 2018

We start things off with a beautiful rendition of the Miami Dolphins fight song, by @BillFromBoynton

Chris rants on Ron DeSantis in this week's #DontBeAnAsshole

Miami New Times sports writer Ryan Yousefi gets us geared up for another mediocre Dolphins season. 

Finally, Smoot drops by for his new betting game

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Hope you enjoy the episode!


Episode 17: Everything Isn’t Terrible

August 29, 2018

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This week, the fellas celebrate a huge win for Andrew Gillum in the Florida primaries. The opening rant may sound familiar. 

Also, the dreadful preseason Dolphins, our first times smoking weed, and doing really dumb shit as kids. And Ricky J Marc stops in!

Oh, and come hang out with us at Uncle Al's in Sunrise this Sunday for the Canes game! Wingssss!!!!!


BallsCast Your Vote - On The Marc: Bring It Home

August 26, 2018
Folks, Primary Election season is finally here! Florida has a unique chance to elect one of the best, most qualified candidates in recent memory, and friend of the program, Ricky J. Marc, is back to explain why we should all rally around Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum in a bonus episode of the Ballscast!
IMPORTANT: Visit rickyjmarc.com/vote for everything you need during this election season. To learn more about Ricky, visit his website at rickyjmarc.com and follow him on Twitter at @RickyJMarc. To learn about and contribute to his academic fundraiser, visit rickyjmarc.com/contribute.
REMEMBER—as Ricky always says: your vote is your voice, your voice is your victory, and your victory is your power. Have a listen, and be sure to help Andrew Gillum#BringItHome this Tuesday and in this November! Florida needs our help to make it better for everybody!