Episode 25: We’re Manly Men

January 18, 2019

Hello. If you're reading this, we truly love you. 

In this episode, the dudes make fun of the new sports radio station in town, 1210 The Man...


The Dolphins are black now, which is awesome. But there's a reason it might be bad. 

Manny Diaz is cool.

Pat Riley probably did lots of cocaine back in the day.

Brendan Tobin's fraternity days were disgusting.

Chris uses Slims bathroom and sees a weird sex toy in the bathtub.

The weird sex toy has awful reviews on Amazon. 

Chris doesn't believe in vitamins. 

Slim goes to an Asian massage place and embarrasses himself. 

Ron DeSantis off to a decent start. What's the catch?

Best Of: 2018

December 24, 2018

01:40 - Have you ever found your parents' sex toys?

08:24 - "Hi Mom" Adele Mother's Day parody song
10:33 - Tom Garfinkel Interview
14:40 - "Trump the Beautiful"
17:00 - What does Mitch McConnell look like?
20:22 - "Heat in 7" Eric Clapton pardoy song
22:20 - An artist with no arms somehow stabs a tourist…twice!
27:47 - "Jeter Traded All Our Best" Cardi B & Bruno Mars parody song
29:00 - Freddy from Proper Sausages Interview
59:05 - A heartwarming conversation between Donald Trump and his dong
1:02:39 - Slim reviews his virtual reality porn goggles
1:10:49 - Miami Dolphins Fight Song parody
1:12:00 - Is Slim a hoarder?

Episode 24: Good Bush, Bad Bush

December 9, 2018

Fuck the Pats

Episode 23: Tank It to the Limit

November 30, 2018

The dudes get into stuff. Brought to you by no one. 

Episode 21: Amendmanents

October 26, 2018


Episode 20 w/ #HeatTwitter Goddess Kristy Riffle: DM Behavior

October 5, 2018

Oh hey, y'all! 

This episode is brought to you by Katon Klothing!!!

The entirety of the show is about #MeToo and DM behavior. 

Donald & Toady

September 21, 2018

Donald Trump has a conversation with his weirdly shaped penis.